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Cheap Hotels

When traveling around the world, most people look for comfortable cheap hotels in the areas they plan to visit. London attracts a great many air travelers to Heathrow Airport and its surrounding hotels, but if you think there are no inexpensive places to find lodging for the night, you are quite mistaken. A good shopper can find accommodations very suitable for under $100 per night. A good night's sleep followed by a visit to Westminster Abbey puts a great spin on any visit to this historic old city, and you can follow that by seeing the famous Tower of London. If you are only touching base around Europe, hop a jet from England to France. A trip to Paris might make it a little harder to find something in a price range considered cheap, but there are bargains when you know where to look for them. It's possible to find a hotel near Basilique du Sacre Coeur and Moulin Rouge for less than a century note. Hotels located within a short walk from the Louvre Museum are also available for rates that are less than you might think. Imagine seeing the Mona Lisa in person! Check the small print for amenities, as some have extra costs applied to them.

Airport Hotels

When you travel by plane and only have a limited time to visit the tourist spots, airport hotels are one of your better choices. If you are stopping off in New York, Kennedy Airport places you right where you need to be, and the Days Inn JFK is less than two miles from where your plane touches down, providing a great stay for a low price. The Fairfield Inn by Marriott is approximately the same distance if you are looking for something with a few more amenities. Of course, New York has two other busy airport terminals with hotels nearby. LaGuardia is more for the stateside air travelers, while Newark International is one that caters to both U.S. and international travelers. Many prefer Newark because it is further from the heart of New York and less crowded. JFK is hard to beat when you want to get to the famous sites faster. The same as every visitor to New York, you will probably want to go to the top of the Empire State Building to get a glimpse of the whole city as well as Liberty Island and the Statue of Liberty. Airport hotels allow you to get where you want to go quickly.

Find the Best Hotel Discount

No one wants to spend too much on lodging when they visit big cities, and it's important to shop prices for hotels when you do. With an internet connection, you can easily find the best rates at the best hotels within just a few moments, and it doesn't matter if you are looking to find the best hotel discount in the U.S. or anywhere abroad. Most hotels offer discounts based on the number of nights you will stay as well as the specific days of the week. When traveling, you don't always have a selection of what days you will be in an area, but many times you can select a particular hotel chain and receive discounts based on staying at their hotels in each city you visit. Sometimes, discounts are more about the amenities you can get when you stay in certain cities. If you are visiting Atlantic City, New Jersey, hotels are often discounted to entice people into the casinos. Even if you have no plans to gamble, you may still get rooms at a great savings. If you consider traveling within any city, you must budget for taxis or other forms of transit. Staying in a hotel close to where you want to be can save on travel expenses.

London Hotels from Budget to 5-Star

A popular offering in London is the "mystery hotel," where people make a booking for certain dates with no idea what hotel they will stay in until shortly before their arrival. At first glance, this might not sound like a good plan, but the hotels are generally not below par; they just have rooms that might not rent for the days you are going to be in the city. Savings are very good when you book a mystery hotel. London hotels from budget to 5-star have something for everyone. Sure, there are some places you might not want to stay for even a brief period, but many of the budget hotels just provide a basic place to sleep and this keeps the cost low. If low cost is not that important to you, London offers many 5-star hotels that will suit any taste. If your stay is to be comfortable or extended, you might consider 51 Buckingham Gate Suites and Apartments. Located a mile from Central London, you can occupy a two-bedroom apartment for a lengthy stay and take the short walk to Buckingham Palace to the north, or you might prefer to go east to the Houses of Parliament.

Cheap Hotel Rooms

Traveling anywhere in the world, you will find cheap hotel rooms that will suit your budget. These are not often located on the main thoroughfares, and they may not have the best of services and amenities, but they do provide a service that is necessary anywhere in the world. Careful selection beforehand can actually lead to some good experiences when staying in inexpensive hotels. Competition helps to keep rates low, so the more hotels there are in any city, the better prices you will find. This is why, whether you stay in London, Paris, New York, Atlantic City or any other large city, you will find affordable hotels. Another secret to finding cheap hotel rooms is by booking well in advance. There is no law that dictates how much a hotel can rent rooms for, so when an event everyone wants to see is in a particular city, it is not unusual for rates to go up just in time for those who reserve rooms at the last minute. When you are traveling, there is no better way to find the best rates than reserving early and shopping prices on every hotel that you have an interest in.